3 Benefits Of Escaping the City For A Cottage Holiday

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If you’re stressed, tired and feeling the strain, escape with a last minute cottage deal and feel the benefits

We are working harder and longer than ever before. On top of this, those of us living and working in the city are constantly feeling the effects of a busy, demanding, active lifestyle. There are always emails to check, questions to answer and work to do, and all of this is usually accompanied by the constant drum of traffic in the background.

There is a lot to be said for city life; a place like London can be a thrilling city to live in, and there are always things to do. So many people thrive under the pressure innate to city living, but escaping the city for a short spell could do you the world of good. Even if you can only afford the time to indulge in a short weekend cottage break, do yourself a favour, pack up your car and book a cottage.

1. Get away from the traffic and the noise

When was the last time you laid down to go to bed to the sound of absolute silence? For those in the city, the concept of a truly silent night might be a foreign concept — after all, there is always a car roaring to life, a truck backing up or an impassioned discussion a few doors down to provide a degree of background noise.

Though this might be something you have grown accustomed to, there are reasons to suggest that constant noise might be detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Noise has a way of disrupting sleep, modifying social behaviour and gradually increasing stress levels. Long-term exposure has also been linked to high blood pressure. One source claims a causal link between heart disease and unwanted noise, while another has gone as far as naming noise a “modern plague”.

Head over to the countryside for a spell and feel the instant effects of peace and quiet. Relax, unwind and recuperate before you return to life, work and pressures. Even a small time away could work wonders.

2. Breathe in the fresh air

From a young age, we’ve heard of the necessity of “a breath of fresh air”. Along with an apple a day, it is an iconic piece of health advice that we carry with us into adulthood. However, do we really know the value of a good lungful of fresh air? Is it really worth escaping the city to take full advantage?

We all know that the city has more pollution than the countryside, and with more plant life in the country, the air is purer and fresher. Fresh air can boost your immune system, reduce stress and oxygenate your blood. It has also been known to make you happier, give you more energy, improve your blood pressure and aid digestion. Conversely, polluted air can lead to respiratory disorders and inflammatory issues, with those with heart or lung conditions more likely to be affected.

For a fantastic countryside getaway, consider last minute Norfolk cottages. Norfolk has fantastic, fresh air, amazing views and tranquil gardens to explore, making it an ideal country escape.

3. Take a walk in nature

It might surprise you, but there are great health advantages to taking a stroll in nature versus walking on your treadmill. Nature walking has the restorative ability to reduce obsessive or negative thoughts, and it can even be used to prevent the onset of depression. Parks and other green spaces have also been shown to increase overall health and reduce stress.

One study that looked at the difference between a city walk and a forest walk demonstrated that the cortisol levels (the body’s stress hormone) were significantly lower in the participants who went on the forest walk. The same study even showed that the participants saw an improvement in memory following the forest walk. With all these benefits, it is hard to argue against a countryside retreat.

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