Haggle Your Way to an Amazing Weekend Cottage Break

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last minute cottage deals

5 simple steps to work last minute cottage deals to your financial advantage

How comfortable are you with haggling? Debating price and value is embedded into certain cultures and, as such, it is a skill that the locals grow up with and develop. Brits, however, seem to have an innate struggle.

Despite our apparent discomfort, there are certain things we will bring ourselves to bargain over. For example, 89% of us negotiate when buying a car. The recession also spurred us on to haggle on the high street, showing that when the times get tough, we know how to look after our wallets. Location also plays a role, with 55% of Britons preferring to barter while abroad.

Your upcoming holiday or weekend cottage break is something that should be personal, memorable and affordable for you. If you see a cottage you would love to call your own for a weekend, holiday or fortnight, put on your haggling hat and find yourself a price you can be happy with. Follow the steps below to be on your way to your ideal (and very reasonable) holiday…

1. Decide where you want to go

Staycations are increasing in popularity, as we are beginning to see our home as a holiday destination again. Holidaying at home might feel strange at first, especially if you envision a vacation to be a two-week escape to the sun on some faraway beach, but there are so many beautiful and unknown gems in the UK for you to explore.

If you are eager for a countryside retreat, consider looking at last minute Norfolk cottages. There are incredible, unique and spacious houses throughout the county, so you will have the perfect place to stay while exploring everything that Norfolk has to offer. If, however, you are looking for a classic British seaside holiday, a holiday to Cornwall could be for you. Cornwall has recently been named the most popular UK destination for a second consecutive year, so you won’t be disappointed or bored for a moment.

2. Do you need a pet friendly holiday cottage?

Don’t forget your furry four-legged friend when you plan your holiday! Take your pet with you and forgo the stress of sorting out a kennels. You don’t need to worry about how your dog is doing while you’re trying to enjoy yourself, as more and more people are seeing the value of taking their pet along with them on their getaway. There are a lot of pet friendly holiday cottages in the UK, and what better company is there? Always remember to plan ahead, as there are certain restaurants, pubs, cafes and beaches that are more than happy to allow dogs.

3. Choose your time wisely

More and more families are ditching the traditional two-week holiday for shorter breaks throughout the year. There are a great many advantages to this, not least that you don’t have to wait a whole year for your next escape. You open yourself up to adventure, opportunity and experiences by jumping in a car and impulsively exploring your country.

To make the most of your money, book your holiday last-minute when you notice that the weather is improving. If you don’t have children, travel during term time to reduce the costs further. Mid-week breaks are always cheaper, so use this to your advantage when the time comes to haggle.

4. Search through your options on BimbleBox

Now that you have a clear idea of where you want to go, what you want to do, who you want to travel with and when you want to take advantage of your holiday time, you can begin your cottage search. Pop over to BimbleBox and explore the many beautiful holiday cottages on offer. Regardless of your particular taste or requirements, there will be something that catches your eye.

5. Make an offer, get a last minute cottage deal and enjoy the experience

With BimbleBox, you always make a saving. Booking through us, you already save 10% on standard rates. By making an offer to our cottage owners, you could stand to save even more. There is no reason to pay the full amount when you don’t need to; with enough time, you and the owner will arrive at a price that makes you both happy.

You get to make three offers per property, so be savvy about the amount offered, and know that the owner is unlikely to accept an offer drastically below the property’s full market price. If you’re intimidated by haggling, remember that the owner of this cottage has signed up to our services fully aware of the process. They are open to the possibility of a deal, they are friendly and they are more than happy to talk things through with you. With a last minute cottage deal, everyone is happy; the owner is able to rent out their property and you are able to save money while having a relaxing, memorable time away.

To search for an idyllic location for your summer cottage holiday, visit BimbleBox today and secure yourself a great deal.