Why You Should Indulge With a Self-Catered Cottage Holiday

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Regardless of how much we enjoy our work, in order for us to remain healthy, functional and sane, we need to take the occasional holiday. Time away from our everyday lives gives us the opportunity to rest, recuperate and develop aspects of our personalities that has nothing to do with our careers.

However, as our time away is limited, you might feel pressured and plagued with indecision about where to go and what to do to make the most out of it. If this is the case, why not consider the many benefits of a British cottage getaway.

This year, an incredible 67% of Britons have decided to stay in the UK for their holiday rather than venturing abroad. Holidaying at home certainly has its advantages. In particular, comfortable, picturesque cottages hold a very special attraction, with quite a few undeniable benefits.

Why You Should Indulge With a Self-Catered Cottage Holiday

They are private and personalised

Hotels can be convenient for an overnight stay, but if you’re aiming to create memories to last a lifetime, you might want something a bit less uniform and a bit more individual. With a cottage getaway, you can really personalise your stay and pick your surroundings, whether it be a coastal paradise or a countryside retreat, making it feel like your little home away from home. You will have your own space and, unlike a hotel, will also have more than just a thin wall separating you from the noisy next door neighbours. Cottages come complete with elements and comforts unavailable in a hotel, such as a cosy fireplace, a personal hot tub, and your very own garden. You also have the freedom to determine your own schedule, pick your own meal times and run your own daily agenda with no external influence.

Enjoy the outdoors

When we really get down to it, human beings are still animals at heart and many of us feel a draw towards nature. A recent study shows that reconnecting with nature can seriously boost our happiness levels and our health, and children exposed to nature show a significant increase in self-esteem and creativity, as well as alleviating symptoms of ADHD.

The problem is, with office jobs and demanding home lives, we don’t often get outside as often as we perhaps should. A cottage holiday brings you closer to nature. You can take the time to properly explore the local woodlands or nearby country fields. Every morning, you will feel that little bit happier just looking out your bedroom window and taking in the spectacular views.

Take your pets with you

One of the best things about cottage holidays is that, depending on the cottage you pick, you will be able to take your beloved family pet along with you. For animal lovers, this relieves a lot of the stress when it comes to finding someone to look after your pet in your absence, and it means you won’t have to consider leaving your pet in kennels. With Fido by your side, you can just relax and have fun, safe in the knowledge that your pet is happy.

If you are bringing your dog along with you, this will also provide extra motivation to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. This is prime animal bonding time; something we tend to sorely miss during our chaotic nine-to-five work lives.

Get the most for your money

Unfortunately, in 2015, one in four Britons couldn’t afford to go on holiday. Even if you find amazing deals abroad, by the time you take into account the cost of travel, taxis, insurance and emergency purchases, holidays abroad can end up costing a pretty penny. Cottage holidays provide a fantastic alternative – if you know where to look, you can find even the most luxurious cottages for a great bargain – so you can get away and have an incredible time with your loved ones without breaking the bank.

Take in the rustic charm

There is something so deeply, traditionally British about a cottage. They have a definite rustic, rural charm that is difficult to replicate. You can settle down with your favourite read by a crackling fire or enjoy a cup of tea from the comfort of your own sofa. The unique sights, smells, and character of your cottage location will ensure that this holiday is one you’re not likely to forget.

Here at Bimblebox, we can help you find the perfect cottage holiday. Get in touch with us today and we will ensure that you have the break that you deserve.

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