The Mid-Week Break: Revolutionise your Holidays

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Mid Week Cottage Holiday

Break up your work week with a last minute cottage deal

Everyone loves a holiday, and we tend to have very specific ideas of what a holiday actually should be. Traditionally, holidays are one or two-week escapes where you jet off abroad, take in the sun and return with tanned skin, mementoes and happy memories. However, every now and then, it is healthy to challenge what you know and to look at things from a different perspective. It might be time for you to shake up your holidays and jolt yourself out of a holiday rut.

Taking off mid-week for a mini holiday might sound unfeasible to you at first. However, there are a lot of advantages to vacationing this way, and we think that we can win you over with a few examples of how midweek, staycation-style last minute cottage breaks are the perfect way to relax and keep your life in balance.

You’ll break up your work week

The most productive days of the work week are Mondays and Tuesdays. If you head into work on these days, reply to emails, get some valuable work done and then slip away for a few days off, you get the best of both worlds. You remain productive and produce quality work, while preserving your sanity at the same time. Time off is important and your holiday entitlement should be utilised in its entirety. If you’re not making full use of your holiday leave, you might find that a number of mid-week holidays are a great alternative to one long fortnight away.

You won’t return with masses of unanswered messages and colleague demands with a mid-week escape. In fact, you will stay in the loop and knowledgeable of the goings on; you’ll also be more refreshed and able to deal with any pressing office issues on your return.

Your road trip will be quieter and more enjoyable

Road trips are one of the leading causes of vacation stress. Get your last minute cottage break off to a good start with a quiet, uneventful road trip. Mid-week holidays have the inherent benefit of clearer roads, meaning not only will you get to your destination quicker than you would on a weekend, but you’ll also arrive calmer. You won’t have to deal with equally stressed-out drivers, which is a benefit that money can’t buy. Take off mid-week, experience the roads outside of rush hour, and you’ll never go back.

The tourist destinations will be less hectic

One major benefit that people enjoy when vacationing mid-week is that they can visit all their favourite tourist attractions without suffering through long queues and crowded venues. So if you’ve booked a last minute Norfolk cottage and scheduled a visit to a stately home or two, you can enjoy the atmosphere and take in the culture at your leisure. It should also be noted that tourist attractions are generally cheaper during the week — which brings us on to our next point…

You stand to save a huge sum of money

Most people tend to either have their mini-breaks on the weekends, or set off for a week-long holiday. Because of this, last minute cottages are regularly left empty during the working week. This works in your favour as a holiday goer, as cottage prices are generally much lower at this time. On top of this, cottage owners are far more likely to be open to a compromise in price. With this in mind, you can save significant amounts of money. There is no need to pay more money when you don’t have to … especially when a mid-week getaway has the potential to provide more rest, fun and relaxation than a weekend break!

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