Midweek Breaks: Why Weekdays are Best for Last Minute Cottage Deals

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A last minute holiday cottage is perfect for a staycation. If you want characterful properties in scenic locations, BimbleBox is your best bet. But while we Brits tend to use the weekends for our short breaks, weekdays are vastly underused. With even better last minute cottage deals, as well as quieter beaches and pubs, the weekday is the perfect solution to your next short trip.

The most obvious benefit of booking midweek last minute holiday cottages is the price. You’ll be surprised at the luxury properties you can afford if you avoid the peak times of the weekend. Our partners reserve their best last minute cottage deals for the untapped potential of the weekdays. You’ll also find that availability is much better from Monday to Friday, with most people at work and the kids still at school.

last minute holiday cottage


Once you arrive at your last minute holiday cottage, you’ll find that everything is more serene and quiet during the week. The beaches are almost empty, the pubs and restaurants are clear, and the roads are relatively traffic-free. Last minute cottage deals are great for more reasons than just the price!

The effect of the quiet nature of a midweek break is that your trip will be less stressful, and that can provide serious health benefits. Those who take multiple short trips, rather than using their holiday allowance in one, have also been shown to be happier. Last minute holiday cottages are wonderful places to unwind and de-stress.

Midweek last minute cottage deals are the perfect solution for couples and large groups alike. If you can all get the time off work, renting a cottage is ideal for family reunions as well as romantic breaks.

BimbleBox is the only holiday cottage provider that encourages you to haggle. Grab a great last minute cottage deal in the next 12 weeks by making our property partners an offer they can’t refuse.