Book a Last Minute Cottage Deal for your Mini Moon Holiday

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Weekend Cottage Breaks

Are you looking for a post-wedding celebration that won’t break the bank? Consider a weekend cottage break

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Such a big event requires a tremendous amount of planning. You need to decide on a colour scheme, cake flavour, venue, dress, decorations — and last but not least, you need to factor in your honeymoon getaway.

An intimate honeymoon is something that most of us have looked forward to, and they are important for a number of reasons. However, you don’t need to hop on a plane and travel halfway across the globe to enjoy a memorable post-wedding celebration. More and more couples are deciding to opt for a UK mini moon holiday.

If you are giving this option some thought, it may be because you have spent a lot of money on the wedding and want to give your bank balance a chance to recuperate. You might not be able to take a significant amount of time away from work, or perhaps you have children and your family can only babysit for a short amount of time. For all these reasons and more, a last minute cottage deal is the perfect mini moon alternative for you and your loved one.

What is a mini moon holiday?

The mini moon holiday rose to popularity during the credit crunch. During this time, an increasing amount of newlywed couples found that they couldn’t afford such a long holiday, but they weren’t willing to completely miss out some alone time after the wedding.

A mini moon is a two or three-day getaway, usually in the form of a staycation, and is an alternative to a longer, fully-fledged retreats abroad. It can also be a shorter pre-holiday before your official, longer retreat. Since the conception of the mini moon, they have become a much sought-after option, with even Prince William and Kate Middleton indulging in a UK mini moon holiday.

Why are honeymoons and mini moons so important?

Honeymoons have been considered an essential part of newlywed life for a long time. After the months of inevitable stress and pressure of organising a wedding, a honeymoon gives you the opportunity to completely relax and unwind with your partner. It gives you time alone to acclimatise to the new stage of your relationship, to bond and to discuss future plans.

The length of the time away isn’t important. As long as it is just the two of you in an intimate and comfortable setting, then you are reaping all the benefits. During this time you can lie in, treat yourself with your favourite food and live the life of leisure. The length of time and the location you have chosen pale into significance compared to who you are spending the time with.

You don’t have to leave the UK

If the idea of a honeymoon being an overseas affair is a given in your mind, you are not alone. After all, how many of us picture white sands and turquoise waters when the word is mentioned? However, during these flights of fancy, we rarely take into account the logistical issues of having a honeymoon abroad. You will need to organise visas, ensure your passports are up-to-date, organise sitters for your cats and children, get relevant vaccinations and worry about baggage allowance.

UK-based holidays are, by their nature, far less stressful. Take the time to research British destinations, look into weekend cottage breaks and discover all that your home has to offer. You might be surprised at the incredible accommodation you can get at such an affordable price.

Why a cottage break is the ideal option for a mini moon

What’s better than escaping to a cosy country hideaway? Cottages come in all shapes and sizes. Some have hot tubs, where you and your partner can share a bottle of champagne. Some are far away from the city and some are right on the edge of the coast. There are even pet friendly holiday cottages if you can’t bear the thought of leaving your furry friend at home. What’s more, most cottage owners are happy to haggle if you are looking for a last minute cottage.

How the romantic county of Norfolk might be perfect for you

Norfolk offers a range of romantic activities to experience on your mini moon. There are a number of last minute Norfolk cottages to choose from, which will enable you to visit Norfolk’s many breath-taking stately homes, take in the beautiful countryside views and pay a visit to its numerous, sprawling beaches. If you’re a literature lover, Norwich has been named the UNESCO City of Literature, and the fresh country air is just what you’ll need to unwind, reconnect and rejuvenate, ready for a wonderful lifetime together.

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