The Perks of Spontaneous Living and Last-Minute Holidays

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Last Minute Cottage Holidays

You would be forgiven for thinking that human beings were creatures of habit. After all, since infancy we have heard about the importance and benefits of routine – growing up, we ate at specific times, went to sleep at the same time every night and were dragged from our beds at the same hour each morning. This became normality for the majority of us as consistency and reliability have long been heralded as the building blocks of confident, happy individuals.

While this may be true for growing minds and bodies, adults stand to benefit substantially from a shift in the monotony of everyday life. Active, productive minds do not thrive in ruts; they need to be challenged and excited by a dose of chaos and disorder. We can experience change in a number of small but substantial ways. We can, on occasion, ignore our rigid calendars, we can make a sudden and impulsive change to our weekend plans or we can decide to treat ourselves with an impulsive last-minute cottage holiday.

Just in case you’re not quite sold on the many benefits to be found from shaking up your routine, you might find some inspiration below.


1. Spontaneity can boost creativity

The value of creativity is not to be underestimated. A broad, flexible mind is necessary for almost any career path. Regardless of the job you choose, it is likely that you will have to engage your artistic side to arrive at inventive solutions to worrying problems or to navigate complex relationships. Creativity, however, isn’t something that grows without encouragement.

Escaping monotony can help greatly when it comes to boosting creativity. Experiencing foreign activities, scenery and cuisine inspires and motivates the curious and eager side our personalities. Change up your routine, go on an adventure and meet someone new. All of this will help you to see the world in a bright new light and give you a new way of thinking.

2. Spontaneity can flex your brain

As with any other muscle in your body, your brain needs to be flexed and challenged in order to develop. Spontaneous living can help by presenting you with a million tiny challenges. You will have new, interesting experiences that will help you to strengthen your powers of recollection – from a biological perspective, your new experiences prompt your prefrontal cortex to go into overdrive and develop new neural pathways. If you never challenge yourself with something new and unfamiliar, your brain will remain untested and it won’t be living up to its true potential.

3. Spontaneity can lower your stress levels

Ability to deal with stressful situations is yet another virtue invaluable to everyday life. Most of us have hectic, demanding jobs and those who don’t more than likely have high-pressured, chaotic home lives that prove just as taxing to our blood pressure levels. Interestingly, forcing yourself out of your routine regularly can help you to manage stress better in the long run. By easily adapting to new, small challenges, you are learning to deal with stress by degrees. This way when something particularly stressful comes your way, you are better able to cope.

4. Spontaneity can build confidence

You might believe that confidence is something you’re simply born with, but in reality, nurture and environment have a huge role to play. Confidence with a subject or area increases with familiarity, and someone who is asked to change their routine last-minute or with very little notice will gradually become much more confident with change as a result. The impacts of elevated confidence are obvious; you are happier taking charge in a meeting, you won’t feel intimidated talking in a room full of people and interviews won’t scare you the way they once did. Ultimately, you will be generally more resilient and easy-going as an individual.

5. Spontaneity provides adventure

Those stuck in an eternal rut are, let’s face it, far less likely to get out and enjoy all that the world and life have to offer than those willing to pack up and go on an impromptu holiday. These are the people who always have a new tale to tell or a tip on where to travel for your next mini-break. There are countless cottages and rustic houses in villages and towns across the UK just waiting to be explored. Whether you prefer to holiday by the sea or are eager for some countryside privacy, there is a perfect place just for you.

Here at BimbleBox, we can help you find the perfect self-catered cottage holiday getaway. Get in touch with us today and we will ensure that you have the break that you deserve.


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