Why You Should Book A Last Minute Cottage Deal

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Last Minute Cottage Holiday

Are you looking for an excuse to treat yourself to a weekend cottage break?

Are you contemplating your summer plans? If you’re worried that you have left everything to the last minute, there is no need to fret. In fact, there are plenty of reasons that a last-minute holiday might be ideal for you. They have a lot to offer and once you experience these perks, the way you spend your free time may change forever.

Living spontaneously has its advantages

If you’re not the type to plan months ahead in any area of your life, the prospect of sitting down and deciding what you might feel like doing half a year from now will no doubt be exhausting. You might be a dynamic, spontaneous person, with hobbies and interests that change as the years go by, or you might have someone new in your life who you want to include into your cottage holiday adventure. So much can change in just a few weeks.

Opting for last-minute cottage deals means that there is no extensive, exhausting planning required. When the mood strikes, you simply pick the location, type of cottage, who you want to take with you and then you hit the road. This is heaven for those free-spirited, fun-loving types.

Last-minute weekend cottage breaks are a dose of refreshment

If you and your partner are trying to inject some electricity into your relationship, or if you’re simply looking to spend a bit of time alone, consider escaping on a weekend cottage break. You won’t have to miss any work, and this mini break is perhaps just what you’ll need to recharge your batteries and catch up with your loved one. Grab a bottle of your favourite wine, relax in the hot tub, and enjoy your surroundings.

Why should I pick a cottage holiday?

There are many reasons to pick a cottage over a hotel. By their very nature, they are more personal. You have your own space and you don’t have to worry about the neighbours stampeding past your hotel door in the early hours of the morning. They have a definite rustic charm that is innate to the English experience. On top of this, they are very varied in nature. You can opt for a cottage right by the sea, or instead find one nestled in the depths of the countryside. Whatever your tastes, there is a cottage to suit you.

You can eat, live, and sleep on your own schedule. And if you pick your destination carefully, then you can even find pet friendly holiday cottages! When you add in the surrounding nature and the other perks, like hot tubs and nearby countryside walks, it’s easy to see why people love a cottage getaway.

Why should you choose BimbleBox?

Bimbling is a new and unique way of booking last-minute UK holidays. With BimbleBox, you simply browse our website, find a deal, pack your bags and be on your way. We save you months of planning, there’s no need for a passport or vaccinations and, to top it all off, we guarantee you a good deal as you will always save at least 10% on standard rates. If you make an offer, you could save even more. You don’t need a special occasion or an excuse to treat yourself. Just embrace your spontaneous nature.

Our top tips to get the most of your money

Here are our top tips to get the deal of your life without compromising on quality:

· Beat the holiday crowds by going out of season.
· If you can manage to get away during term time, take full advantage!
· Book a midweek holiday to enjoy a bigger discount.
· Keep an eye on the weather forecast! If it looks like this weekend’s going to be blistering, get on to BimbleBox and see what deals you can snipe.

If you’re ready to get Bimbling, we can help you find the perfect cottage holiday. Just select the date, browse the results and create a holiday to remember.