Road Trip Tips To Keep You Sane On The Way To Your Cottage Holiday

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The ultimate road trip survival guide, to ensure you make it to your holiday in one piece

Holidays are a blessing, but getting to them can be a hassle. One of the best things about UK staycation holidays, which are becoming increasingly popular, is that travel time is limited. We avoid aeroplanes, passports and visas, but we pay the price when it comes to road trips. Long journeys can undoubtedly be exhausting, particularly if you have a family and children in tow, but luckily we have collated the best and most effective road trip tips to make the process much more enjoyable.

Create a road trip playlist

Never underestimate the importance of good music. It has an almost magical ability to lift our moods, calm us, and invigorate us. Music can even seemingly make time speed by. Our love of music is so universal that scientists have spent many hours trying to understand the way it impacts our brain. One 2001 study found that great music has the same neurological impact on us as other euphoric stimuli, such as drugs or food.

A great road trip tip means taking to the internet, finding out exactly how long your journey will last, and creating a playlist that lasts the same amount of time. Pick your favourites, but remember that uplifting and up-tempo songs are great for keeping us alert and focused while on the road.

Research fun word games

To prevent boredom from striking and ruining the start to your holiday, be prepared with a selection of creative word games. These are a great tool when it comes to keeping children distracted, and are just as enjoyable for adults. These games keep us focused, our brains active and can even be educational. It’s true what they say, and it’s been proved by scientists — the more you enjoy yourself, the quicker time flies.

The best thing is that they require no equipment whatsoever. Everyone has their favourite, and a short Google search will be enough to provide you with hours of entertainment.

Pack a lot of healthy (and not so healthy) snacks

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a car for hours without access to food or water. Once you start feeling hunger pangs and your levels of frustration grow, you’ll find you have a very short fuse and extremely limited patience towards your fellow drivers, not to mention for your equally stressed passengers. The best thing you can do for the good of your mind and your stomach is to plan ahead, pack a hamper, and buy an excess of snacks. Fruit is a great choice, but there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself with a little treat.

Stop regularly and stretch your legs

If the journey to your holiday cottage is hours long, do yourself a favour and take regular pit stops. Though it might be tempting to get the travelling over and done with in one leg, stopping once an hour or every two hours will do you the world of good. You’ll have the opportunity to stretch your legs, and it can help to prevent exhaustion. 25% of all crashes resulting in death or serious injuries are a result of fatigue, so be constantly aware of your energy levels.

Give everyone a job

This is a particularly great tip if you’re travelling with children, but delegating responsibility is a good idea regardless. While the driver is busy focusing on the road, have one person focus on navigation and ask another to hand out food and drinks or to take care of the music. Pull together as a team and everything is sure to go smoothly.

Now that you have a step-by-step, sure-fire way of ensuring a pleasant road trip, visit BimbleBox to plan your perfect cottage holiday.