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"BimbleBox encourages you to forget your passport! We are based in Norfolk and have an ever growing selection of holiday properties for you to browse."

As a cottage owner, you're bound to have questions.

So we've put together some answers...

Q. What makes you different from other booking systems?

A. Bimblebox is all about giving you control. You'll have access to your own property statistics, showing number of views, popular start days, duration requests and more. This tells you exactly what your customers are looking for - so if you decide to change a reserve price or add a new facility, your decisions are based on facts. No need for instinct or guesswork. By responding to these market insights, you can increase your bookings and the price you command for each slot. And as you can update your pricing as often as you like, the system puts you firmly in the driving seat.

Q. How does the offer process work?

A. When you advertise a property and availability, you tell us your regular price. Then we ask you to set a reserve price. The reserve must be at least 10% below the regular price - but if you choose, it could be more. So, if a customer wants to book time at your property, they have 2 options: they can book straight away and take the 10% discount. Or they can make an offer and try to save even more. We'll give them 3 chances to make an offer that meets your reserve price - then if they're successful, they proceed to the checkout page where they can secure the booking.

Q. What happens if the customer's third offer is refused?

A. If the third offer is tantalisingly close, the system might give the customer a chance to make a fourth offer. If not, then their only way to book the property is to accept the standard 10% discount.

Q. What happens if someone makes a better offer?

A. Once payment has been confirmed, the system removes the date from sale - so no-one has the chance to make a better offer. The only time when two customers can be in competition is during the checkout process. Then it's a question of who makes it to the finishing line!

Q. Do I have to provide a discount?

A. Yes please - that's what we promise our customers. The discount should be at least 10% below the standard price you advertise elsewhere.

Q. What happens after the booking?

A. Once the customer has paid for their holiday, they receive a confirmation email with your contact details (and are asked to contact you) - and at the same time, you receive an email (or SMS text) with the customer's details. From there, it's over to your guests and yourselves to make any necessary arrangements - for example, do you need to confirm arrival and departure times?

Q. Is there a set up cost?

A. No. Just create an account and upload as many properties as you like. You only pay us when your property has been booked. We charge 10% (+ VAT) commission. It’s that easy.

Q. Do I have a contract with Bimblebox?

A. Before signing up, we ask that you read and sign our Terms and Conditions. Then, once you've created your account, you can use BimbleBox as much or little as you want.

Q. Who is the customer's contract with?

A. Once the customer pays for their holiday, they'll have a binding contract with you - so they should come to you directly if they have any queries. However, we will still respond if there's an issue to do with the booking that you can't resolve.

Q. How far in advance can I place available time slots?

A. We work on a rolling 12 week basis. You can manage your pricing freely, so if a date is looming or the regional trends are telling you the demand is high, you can increase or reduce the reserve price if you want to.

Q. Do I have to release full weeks?

A. Absolutely not. When you open up a slot, the system will ask you "Will you accept shorter breaks within this period?". If you will, just tick the Yes box and tell us how many nights you'll accept. You can also tell us to exclude particular days. Using this info, our system will work out a combination of short breaks you can accept.

Q. Can I withdraw a slot once I’ve released it?

A. Yes, of course - as long as it hasn’t been booked already.

Q. Can I amend a slot once I've released it?

A. Not directly - but you can delete it, then re-list it with your changes.

Q. What happens if I have a double booking?

A. A sensible suggestion would be that you remove your property from sale on other sites for the periods you’re advertising through BimbleBox.

Q. What happens if I have to cancel a booking?

A. In that event, the customer will be entitled to a refund. If you cancel before the holiday begins, you’ll be liable for a full refund. If you cancel during the holiday, you're obliged - as a minimum - to refund the unused portion of the holiday.

Q. What happens if a customer cancels a booking?

A. Customers are informed at the time of booking that, as they're receiving a late availability deal, they have no right to cancel. Once their payment is received, there's no obligation to issue a refund. However, you can make a refund at your own discretion.

Q. What are your rules with pets?

A. We don't have a pet policy - that's up to you. We tell our customers to check the property information to see if pets are allowed, so please take this into account when you set up the property details.

Q. When do I get paid?

A. We know cashflow is vital, so you won't be waiting forever. We pass all monies on to you, minus commission, at the end of every month. Our 12% commission includes VAT, so there are no hidden costs.

Q. How does the charity part of BimbleBox work?

A. We donate 1% of our commission to our adopted charities: East Anglia Children's Hospice (EACH) and Nelson's Journey. Also, some of our property owners give us extra support. Some will hand a last minute week over to one of the charities, so it can be used by a deserving family or auctioned off to raise funds. Other owners simply donate a week's booking fee every year.

Q. Do I have to gift a week to BimbleBox for a charity?

A. Absolutely not! Some owners do, and some don’t. It’s completely up to you.

Q. What happens to a gifted week?

A. If you kindly agree to gift a week, we'll ask you to choose one of our charities as a beneficiary. Then we can sell the week, with all monies earned going directly to the charity. Or the charity can auction the week off, as a way of raising funds. Or the charity can place a deserving family in the cottage, to give them a change of surroundings at a difficult time in their lives.

Q. Do I have to cover my costs if I gift a week to charity?

A. We don’t expect you to pay all your running costs for a gifted week, so we'll provide a contribution based on the size of your property. Our contribution is part-funded by a grant from The Foresters Fund for Children (FFFC).

If you have any questions that we haven't covered here, just drop us an email and we'll get right back to you.

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