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What is Bimbling?
And how does it work?

Bimbling is a unique new way to book a last minute UK holiday. You find a cottage, make a deal, pack your bags and go. That's it!

No need for months of planning, no passports, no vaccinations. Just throw a few things in a suitcase and leave the world behind. (It'll still be there when you get back...)

And any occasion will do! A break from work, a romantic retreat, a family get together... every type of cottage has late availability, so you'll always find something special when you bimble.

Plus, you'll always save at least 10% on standard rates. And by making an offer, you could save even more.

Maybe you're wondering how we can do it?

Well, there'll always be a demand for fabulous holiday cottages. But very few properties manage to fill all 52 weeks of the year. They all have gaps here and there - entire weeks or just a few days - and when that happens, the owners turn to us to fill the void.

The clock is ticking
Deals are ending.
Are you ready to get away?

Every cottage you see on BimbleBox has at least 1 slot available in the next 12 weeks. So key in a date to get away and find a cottage you love. Then you can fix a price - and there are 2 ways to do it:

You can click book now and secure the booking straight away. Then you'll pay exactly 10% below the standard rate.

You could save more. There's a reserve price set for most cottages. So make an offer: our system gives you 3 chances to haggle!

Bimbling in Action

Here's an example. Say a cottage usually goes for £100 a week, and the owner has set a hidden reserve price of £75.

You can click book now and your standard 10% discount will secure it for £90. But say you'd rather chance your arm and make an offer... why not?

Your first offer of £60 is rejected. So is your second offer of £70. But your third offer of £80 is accepted. Now everyone's happy.

That's Bimbling!

Bimbling Tips

You get to make 3 offers per property - so use them wisely. Check the property's full market price and put in a sensible offer. Bimbling works because you and the cottage owner get a fair deal.

Once your offer is accepted, you'll go straight to the checkout page. But your date won't be secured until you click the payment button... so dilly-dally and some else could swoop in there behind you!

If you can't find the cottage - or the deal - you wanted, search again with a new date or region, or just change the number of nights. There are plenty of offers out there. And new deals are added every day, so come back and bimble again. In the meantime, just click on the Alert Request button and leave us some details of what you are looking for, we will keep an eye out for you. Bookmark Bimblebox Now.